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Markku Koski

Name: Markku Koski
Born: October 15Th
Resides: Helsinki, Finland
Sponsor: Quiksilver, Stepchild, Thirtytwo, Etnies, Vivo

Can you explain your turning point from an amateur snowboarder to pro?
After I finished high-school and was done with the army, I guess that´s when I turned pro, but I don’t really consider myself as a pro rider. I always snowboarded for the simple reason because its fun and I love it.

How did you first get hooked up with Vivo headwear and what does the brand mean to you?
I just got contacted by Anthony from Vivo and he explained what they were all about and what they had plans for the future. I was super stoked to see who the riders were and the image was cool so I wanted to get onboard. Vivo is fresh!

Do you think we will see the Koski Vivo headwear collection anytime soon?
Hmm, I don’t know, hopefully! All I can say is that if it will come out, it will be dope. I’m a pretty eco kind of person (at least I like to think so) so that will be noticed.

You just spent the past season filming for (This video sucks) step child/ 32 movie how was that and do you plan to film again for the same production company?
It was awesome! I really enjoy hanging out with those guys. I did a bunch of contest too so that took some time off filming and we didn’t have the best season up in Whistler so I was lacking some shots but I think overall the movie has a pretty good feel to it so I’m stoked. As for next year, my plans are still a bit open but hopefully I get to film all season.

What is the most favorite country you have traveled to and why?
It must be New Zealand. Its a really mellow place and the landscape is awesome. I always had a good time going there, and Ive got my best heli days out there too.

You made the podium a few years back at the winter Olympics, tell us a little bit about that event and what it meant to you?
Well, actually I wasn’t even gonna to go there in the first place. But I got my video part cut that year so I was over the filming scene and went for the contests. I felt totally rusty at the contest, but some how managed to get a good result. I didn’t really even care cause that was never my dream to make the Olympics. Its a plus though, but my focus has always been getting a good overall video part.

Hands down what has been the scariest moment snowboarding in your life?
It was definitely the time we went to Bella Coola, Canada for some heli boarding. It rained the whole time we were there so the conditions were sketchy. Couple of us decided to leave and some of my friends stayed. Two days later I got a call that my friend had died in an avalanche. That was the worst moment I have ever had. Just to realise it can happen to any of us.

What is the funniest moment you have had while on a snowboard trip?
Must have been the time we went to heli in Mt.Cook, New Zealand. It was the best pow day of my life and we all got shots. That last run down to the heli with friends when the sun was going down is something I will never forget. And half way down the run we stopped and one of our guides, old man on telemarks, was flying by and yelled “This is the fucking shit”, was so funny. Hopefully some day I can be like him, haha.

How can you describe your snowboarding style?
Relaxed, hopefully, haha. I dont know. I always want to ride everything and not get stuck with one aspect of it.

What is your next step with snowboarding?
Finally get a video part that Im totally satisfied with.

Any advice you can give to up and coming snowboarders trying to turn pro?
Don’t try too hard and don’t take it too seriously.

Shout outs…
To everyone that has ever stepped on a snowboard.

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