Marie France Roy

Name: Marie-France Roy
Born: Les Éboulements, Quebec
Resides: Whistler, BC
Sponsors: Vivo, Rome, Oakley, Redbull, 32, Etnies, Axis, Cilla, Kicker, Pom Pom,

MFR can you explain your turning point from an amateur snowboarder to pro?
Just happened progressively. I just started doing the major contests in Quebec. Then I moved to Whistler and did some there and did US Open and some other bigger events and everything happened form there.

How did you first get hooked up with Vivo headwear and what does the brand mean to you?
Anthony came up to me and told me about his deal and I was like “cool, sure!”

It looks like you had a very productive season can you give us a quick run down on your season?
I just filmed a small segment in absinthe’s “Neverland” movie. I got started late and was busy with all kinds of other stuff with my other sponsors so couldn’t get as much time filming as I wish but I am hoping to get more time and a longer and better segment next year.

You ride for Rome snowboards the company seem to work with there riders alot and there products look great what is your favourite thing about riding for them?
They just know whats cool and they truly care about snowboarding how it should be done. Everyone in the office rides and loves it. I couldn’t be happier with them.

What is the most favourite country you have traveled to and why?
I think Iceland and New Zealand because its so beautiful but I also really love Japan.

Hands down what has been the scariest moment snowboarding in your life?
Last year at X-games. It was only my second run of practice through the course and the rails at the top had nails sticking out and it did a huge scratch on the base of my board without me knowing. I hit the jump right after that and could feel something throwing me off on the take off but I couldn’t understand what was going on. Next thing you know, Instead of just floating a straight air to get a good feeling of the jump, i was into a half back flip, head upside down on this hard packed 65 footer. I thought it was the end for me. I landed on my head/side right on the knuckle, front flipped into the landing and slid the whole way down. Then I just remember trying to move my arms and I could so I was so stoked. Then I tried my legs and I could too! I was so scared to have broken my spine or broke my neck. But somehow, my lil angels protected me I think. I ended up with only a few popped ribs in my back and I missed the comp but I was fine 4 days later. So lucky!

What is the funniest moment you have had while on a snowboard trip?
Ive had too many to choose just one. But traveling and filming with Rome can make you witness some pretty fucked up shit.

How can you describe your snowboarding style?
I just like to ride.

Do you have any riders that have inspired you through your snowboard career?
Oh yeah, almost all of the pros back then like Tara dakides, Daniel Frank, Jp Walker, Peter line, etc. My brothers really inspired me when I started too.

What is a day in the life with MFR?
Depends on the day. But if I’m not filming on a trip or just snowboarding with my friends, I like to be surfing or chillin at my house on Vancouver Island.

Any advice you can give to up and coming girls trying to turn pro?
Just do it for the love of it, not to get sponsored. it will all come naturally if its meant to be.

What are your future goals with snowboarding?
Get better in the back-country and keep learning new tricks and have fun

Shout outs…
Thanks to everyone that helped me and supports me!

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